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Hi, Im Colin The Head, welcome to Meet The Breakers. We are a UK CB Radio site dedicated to the use of 27mhz and 11m, otherwise known as citizens Band Radio!

UK CB Radio Website In today's modern world of wifi and wireless communication, its easy to forget that more traditional methods of communication still exsist all around us. CB Radio, despite its recent decline has been around for decades, and as the years stack up, the number of active breakers reduces. Or do they?

In 2009 we at Meet The Breakers launched a TV Show presented by me, Colin The Head that took an inside look into the current world of CB Radio and to meet the breakers (the people), who use them. We managed to film 4 full episodes of the show but filming for the fifthed episode was cut short when I was kidnapped on location and held hostage by the Doncaster Mafia for five and half days.

The conditions of my release were quite simple, the Doncaster Mafia demanded that Episode 4 of Meet The Breakers, starring 'The Boss' had to be removed, further conditions were also set for the removal of the current Meet The Breakers website, which was temporarily taken down to aid secure my release. BBC Look North covered the story and you can find out more about this and me on my own Colin The Head page.

It's not all doom and gloom though, I am happy to say that despite my ill treatment and near death experiences at the hands of the Doncaster Mafia, I have recovered well, found motivation and decided to dedicated my life back to Meet The Breakers. I never quite found out why I was kidnapped, rumours were rife that The Boss did not take kindly to the public reaction to the spoof episode, which has since enjoyed thousands of hits on youtube, although I have never been in dialogue with The Boss himself since the filming, of which he was very happy to take part in at the time.

We can but speculate on why I had to endure the best part of a week tied and gagged to an office chair, in a dirty damp dark garage in somebodies backyard in Doncaster. The daily beatings and the pleasure of sitting in clothes soiled with feces has only served to make me stronger.

We at Meet The Breakers are now even more determind to carry on what we do here, exposing the people behind the microphones, finding out what makes the breakers tick, finding out what they think about the CB Radio and why they use it, firing them with The Breakers Questions. We meet the good guys and the bad guys, and I'v quickly learned to take the rough with the smooth. Who are the breakers? We will find out.

Enjoy the site, we are having to start from scratch again because the Doncaster Mafia hijacked our servers and made our last site explode, so please be patient while the site is developed. Eventually we aim to provide you with an entertaining and informative experience with products ranging from videos, technical reference, service manuals and downloads, to a fully functioning online store provided by MTB Radio, us!

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